Sunday 6th September 2009

Lisaac website redesign

The Lisaac website is completely redesigned, with improved focus on the language, Lisaac.

Internally, the website is using the git repository and will be easier to modify by everyone. You might see changes more often. Ikiwiki is used to generate the HTML pages.

Wednesday 3rd September 2008

Lisaac moves to Alioth

Lisaac services moves from GNA to Alioth. The address of the project is now:

Sunday 17th February 2008

Lisaac 0.13.1 Released

Friday 8th February 2008

Lisaac 0.13 Released

Monday 24th September 2007

Lisaac 0.12 Released


The project Isaac / Lisaac results from the thesis of Benoit Sonntag with in the Design Team of Loria. As a whole, this project gives the first steps for solving the problem posed by the integration of object concepts into the core of Operating Systems. Isaac stands alone as the very first really effective Operating System fully designed with prototype-based object technology. We bring out a different point of view to the use of computers by intensively taking advantage of the expressiveness and flexibility of prototypes.

To realise this project, we had to design a new prototype-based language: Lisaac. It stands as a Self's successor, however it distinguishes itself in many ways, essentially because of system-programming constraints. Lisaac allows low-level programming but remains a high-level language. Its powerful compiler uses original compilation techniques for late binding suppression and optimisations of type predictions and code specialisation. This compiler gives the target code an efficiency that no other languages of the same type has matched so far.