Lisaac Compiler - Git Repository

To clone the Lisaac compiler, just run:

git clone git+ssh://

You can have a look at the summary page.

Contrary to most Git repositories, the default branch is stable. The branch that always bootstrap.


  • stable: The current version of the compiler. Should bootstrap all the time
  • master: Where our master (Benoît Sonntag) works
  • debian: Where debian specific stuff are added for the debian package
  • gentoo: Where gentoo specific stuff are added for the gentoo package
  • lisaac-0.12.x: Developpment of the 0.12.x branch (bugfix)
  • lisaac-0.13.x: Developpment of the 0.13.x branch (bugfix)
  • other branches: Where other people might publish their work. please contact them if you want to use what they did. They might break their history (rebase).


When a release is made, an annotated and GPG signed tag is created. To create a tag, you can type:

git tag -as tag-name commit-id

The tags created for the lisaac version use the form lisaac-version