Work on the Website

This page describes how to update this website.

This website is managed using Git and ikiwiki version 3. Older versions of ikiwiki won't work. The wiki syntax is markdown. Please take time to look at these links.

The Git Repository

First, you need to clone the website repository:

git clone git+ssh://

This will give you the branch master. This repository contains also other branches:

  • master is used for the old website
  • ikiwiki is for the ikiwiki website
  • ikiwiki-compiled is for internal use by scripts only. it contains the html version of the ikiwiki website.

Modify the ikiwiki website

You just have to checkout the ikiwiki branch. If you don't have a local ikiwiki branch, just create it:

git checkout --track -b ikiwiki origin/ikiwiki

Then, you can modify the wiki pages (*.mdwn files).

When you have finished, you can just run:


This will give you an html version of the website in the html/ directory. If you want to publish the changes, just run:

make send

This will create a new commit on the ikiwiki-compiled branch and push it on the server. When you push on the server, it will update the website automatically.