The Lisaac Language

Identity Card

  • Concept: small prototype-based programming language The ideas in Lisaac are mostly inspired by Smalltalk (all values are objects), Self (prototype-based) and Eiffel (design by contract)

  • Platforms: all platforms (host/target specific for GCC)

  • Features:

    • pure object language
    • very fast (like C code)
    • dynamic and multiple inheritance
    • dynamic definition slot
    • static typing (invariant)
    • genericity type
    • auto-cast type system
    • programming by contract
    • interrupt manager
    • include C code facilities

Code Example

code sample

Making a new operating system drive us to conceive a new programmation language : Lisaac.

This language based on prototype object is strongly inspired from self language.

More than the advantages of self, Lisaac give protection of comunication mecanism and operating system tools.

Using prototype and dynamic inheritance is fully adapted to the conception of operating system.

First tests learn us, that Lisaac compiler is able to give the same performance than C compiler. Lisaac inherit of Self's semantic and of the Eiffel's static typing.

Class Versus Prototype

Schema explaining the difference between classes and prototypes