Version 0.4

Improve Documentation

  • Update the User Manual

    • Fix the first page (new logo)
    • update the examples to the new syntax
    • update the Lisaac grammar
    • make pdflatex work (need help from latex gurus)
    • update slots in Section Header
    • update description of slots (explicit Self argument)
    • update block type
    • update auto import/export
  • Update the website

    • Change the design
    • Change the content

Change the Licence

  • Compiler: GPL + exception
  • Library: LGPL + exception

Language Features

  • Implement COP completely for unix

  • External slots

    • Compile External slots if the prototype becomes alive
    • Possibility to configure the compiler to compile all external slots of a defined set of prototypes in order to create shared libraries (.so/.dll files)


  • MS Windows support for COP
  • Project support in LIP
  • Prototype genericity with values (not just types)